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The Godfeather

We have a company policy. We keep things light and positive. We never ever get angry or raise our voice at a customer... and we don't get nasty. We respect everybody. We also keep all of our communications short and concise, so as not to impose upon your time. When a circumstance arises in which we have a conflict with a customer we turn the problem over to our trusted and reliable associate... The Godfeather. Here are the precise circumstances in which we ask him for his assistance in resolving a dispute:

(1) Auto shipments When you cancel an auto shipment for a product often the company you ordered from will continue to send you the product past the time of your month or even two months. If you don't contact the company again and confirm that you have already cancelled the auto shipment they might even keep sending the product(s) to you.

If you then report to us that you already cancelled the product and you aren't going to pay us for the shipment since they weren't supposed to be sending you the product, that is when we refer your case to... The Godfeather. Remember that we are not a party to your transaction. It is required that you pay us for the shipment of the goods. If you want the warehouse to refuse a shipment they will do so if you notify us in advance of the arrival of the package and provide us with a return label from the company so that we can send the product back to the company when it arrives at the warehouse dock.


Here is how to handle auto shipments. When you cancel the auto shipment also notify your bank to refuse any charges from that company. If you do this the company won't keep sending you the product. Also, communicate with the company by phone and get an email confirmation of the cancellation.

(2) Gifts When the warehouse receives a package for you that is from a friend, relative, or secret admirer you are responsible for payment for the shipment of the package to you, even if, you decide later, that you'd rather not have the package. The giver of a gift may have no idea that you are having to pay the cost of the shipment to Ecuador.

If you call us up asking us if we want the gift that was for you we are going to tell you no. We don't pay for the shipment of your goods in exchange for keeping your package, and we are not interested in buying the item you received either. If you insist that you don't want it and you're not paying for the shipment of the package...we refer your case to...The Godfeather.


Communicate with your friends and relatives before they send you anything to let them know that you are going to have to pay for the shipment and if it's a heavy item the amount of cost to you may not make it worth your while to receive the package.

NOTE: It is extremely rare that we ever have a conflict with a customer. In fact, with the hundreds of customers that we have there have been only two cases. So, we have been able to keep the mood and feeling about serving our customers pristine, lively, and an absolute joy. The above post is intended to be funny and provide you with some information about some issues that can be avoided when having your products shipped to the warehouse.

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