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  • Where do I see the pricing?
    You can view the pricing on the pricing page
  • What is the next Deadline Date?
    We don't have deadline dates. Order whenever you want to. Shipments are frequent - approximately every 2 weeks.
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  • ¿Está bien que le envíe una batería de litio o una lata de pintura en aerosol?
    Este tipo de artículos no están permitidos en un avión y están clasificados como HAZMAT (material peligroso). Para obtener una lista de tipos de materiales peligrosos, lea la página de DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD. Si alguna vez tiene alguna pregunta sobre algo que desea enviar, si no está seguro, envíenos un mensaje de chat. El botón de chat está en la parte inferior derecha de la página en la que se encuentra.
  • Is it important that I enter each different item in a separate NOTIFY US form?
    After you enter one item press enter, then enter the next item and press enter, then enter the third item, etc. When an item is coming to the warehouse with a different tracking number please enter it in a separate notification entry.
  • When entering the NOTIFY US form can you tell me how much detail to put into the description of the item I just ordered?
    Please keep it short because your description has to fit into a short field on the Manifest. Here's an example: NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin for Men - with Vitamins, Minerals, Organic Herbal Extracts - Vegetarian - for Energy, Brain, Heart, Eye Health - 120 Vegan Capsules can be shortened to this: Naturelo multivitamin Also, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER ALL CAPITOL LETTERS BECAUSE IT TAKES UP TOO MUCH ROOM.
  • If I order today when am I going to receive my item(s)?
    You will never hear us tell you a date of expected arrival of your item(s). ​ There are factors effecting the arrival date that are beyond our control. The arrival date is not predictable, for example: the time it takes for your item to arrive at our Miami location; the time it takes for your items to arrive in Guayaquil (cargo flight schedule), the time it takes for Customs to review your items which depends on the volume of items they have to review on any given day, staff availablity, holidays, etc; the time it takes for your items to arrive here by ground transportation from Guayaquil; and, time it takes to process your shipment and deliver it to you. We ship frequently out of Miami, and in general we receive shipments every one to two weeks.
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