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You are only allowed to bring personal Items that are not for resale

into Ecuador.

Our service operates through commercial air carriers and adheres to their regulations and restrictions. US and Ecuador Customs Officers inspect luggage at random. There is no way of knowing how the items are handled or if  they have removed items. The only indication we have that there has been an inspection is a notification slip placed inside the luggage. We do not carry or offer insurance of any kind for our customers. Your items are solely your responsibility and we are to be held harmless in case of any loss or damage.

We do not offer a return to sender service for items that arrive at the Miami Warehouse.



Any personal items prohibited by law will not be carried.


  • Narcotics

  • Prescription Painkillers

  • Seeds/Plant Matter 

  • Objectionable Material

  • Firearms and Hazardous Materials

  • Items Intended for Resale

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Refurbished electronics

  • Used or Refurbished Parts



  • 40 tobacco products per shipment

  • One cell phone per person per year

  • Maximum up to 100 kilos or $5,000 in value for an item


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