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Minimum  8 oz chg ($5) per item

      ( 1oz or less $2.50 per item)

$10 per lb...over 16 oz (1 lb)

$12 per lb..oversized pkgs


We ship electronic items, such as,  laptops, tablets, ipads, Applewatches,and kindles. If you are wanting to ship an electronic item  there is tax and Customs Clearance Fee applied to each of these items.

At time of purchase it is necessary that you email us @ with a picture of the paid invoice for the electronics item. 

Only one cell phone per customer name each year is permitted by Customs. We cannot ship used or refurbished cell phones.


We recommend that you insure valuable items s/a electronics.




Any box that is over 12" or more

in any dimension  is at $12/lb.

When there is more than one type of  item in the box the oversize charge applies to only  the largest item.

If the value of any item is $4,800 or more, or 95 kilos (209 lb) or more we cannot ship it. 

If you are wanting to ship an item that is equal to or over 8.5 lb or equal to or over $400 in value there is Ecuadorian tax charged by Customs, and a Customs Clearance Fee. 

'Unusual' items may incur an additional tax depending on the tax code of that type of item, so please email with any questions about sending 'unusual' items.


There is no service fee when you receive one package.

For every 2 packages received in any delivery there is a $3.50 service fee.

There is no service fee on

your receipt of just an envelope.

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