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The Envelope Please

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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We have policies regarding cash payments at the time of your delivery. Here are our policies:

  • We don't accept postage stamps as payment.

  • We don't accept coins that are not acceptable for payment to merchants in Ecuador, such as coins from other countries.

  • Ecuadorian merchants inspect bills they receive, and they consistently turn away bills that have even small tears. We don't accept torn bills. We received a torn Benjamin Franklin that is unacceptable for purchase of goods.

We realize that sometimes things happen accidentally especially if you are in a hurry.

Please double check when you are putting your payment in an envelope. You might want to 'put yo glasses on' so you can see what you are looking at. Unfortunately, we will be forced to return torn currency to you, and, needless to say, it will be an unnecessary expense of time and money to have to come back again, or to require that your payments be made by bank transfer.

Please keep in mind that you can always make payment to one of the four bank accounts that we have for the convenience of our customers, instead of paying by cash. You can even do this from the comfort of your home with an internal or external transfer. That payment option is always available to you in advance of delivery of your package.

(Note that the above policy doesn't apply to shipments to other parts of Ecuador because these shipments always require bank deposit prior to shipping out your packages.)

Another note on the same topic:

Before handing the envelope to our driver we need your 'John Hancock' on the envelope. Please hand write your name so that it does not become a 'mystery envelope'. We need to know to credit the payment to your account.


If you have questions anytime please post your question from the chat box on our website, or email us at:

In closing this post...a big thank you to you, and all of our amazing customers, from the team of USA Valet, and ... remember to order know you want it!

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