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You will receive your invoice by email prior to the delivery date. The invoice amount due is payable in cash upon delivery or pickup. For shipment to other parts of Ecuador payment is in advance of shipment to your location. We do not accept credit cards or checks at this time. Contact us for details about our other payment options. We accept Banco Bolivariano, Banco Guayaquil, JEP, and Banco Pichincha.


For Cuenca deliveries please note: Prior to delivery write the amount due on a piece of paper. Put it in a sealed envelope with the correct cash; print your full name on the outside and seal. Give this to the Delivery Captain in exchange for your packages. He does not open your envelope and he does not give change. It is a simple Cash On Delivery transaction. Checks are not accepted as payment.


We can only make one attempt to deliver to your location. If we have no success then your items will be be held until the following delivery date.

For delivery to other areas throughout Ecuador payment is made in advance of shipment to any of the following banks:  Banco Bolivariano, Banco Guayaquil, Cooperativa JEP, or, Banco Pichincha.  Let us know your preferred bank near you and we will provide our account info.

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