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The last delivery date was Thursday, February 22nd.  We are receiving a shipment later today, Saturday, February 24th.  We have scheduled delivery in the Cuenca area for Tuesday, Februay 27th.  Invoices will be going out on Monday morning, February 26th.

Shipments to other parts of Ecuador are upon payment of invoice. Please email proof of payment to


The countdown is reset for the month of February with a whole new raffle. Please check it out on the Raffle page.

If you have any raffle ideas please share them with us by filling in the Raffle Ideas form. We would love to hear your feedback.


Please include your name and USA Valet on all shipments to Miami. If there are only 3 lines to enter your address enter it this way on the first line, as an example: 

John Doe USA Valet

Please enter each item that you are shipping to our location on a new line of the Notify Us form.  When you press press 'enter' it will show up on a new line. When you have a different shipment (different tracking)  submit a separate Notify Us entry.


When you receive your package delivered to you please write your name on the envelope; that way we know who to credit as paid. For other parts of Ecuador, If you have paid your invoice by deposit into one of our four bank accounts please notify us by email.  If we are not notified we will not know about your deposit and your invoice will show as unpaid.


We are posting little  updates frequently on this page, so this is where to go to find out the latest info. Updates are also on the spanish translation of this website. We also email out a bi-monthly update to registered customers. If you have not registered please don't forget to do so, so that you will receive these  emails.

If you have  questions  please send us a chat message - you can see it on each page at the bottom right.  

In closing, a reminder to order it... you know you want it!


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