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Was it Buddha who said that having things isn't everything? So true, but it sure helps, especially if you're living in Ecuador.  You can get all kinds of things in the United States and it would certainly improve our lifestyle here if we had that kind of accessibility.  


And so we can.  Just as you would easily shop online when you were living in the United States you can actually enjoy the same convenience while living here in Ecuador. The difference is that instead of UPS delivering your order USA VALET delivers.  


You can order from department stores, Amazon, shops in malls, and you can even give and receive gifts from friends and family anywhere in the world as well as send and receive mail.  


Your items are consolidated and flown as cargo to Ecuador and then they are delivered to you.  Our secure office address in Florida near Miami Airport is your ship-to address.  Please note it in your personal records as your USA ship-to address.  Delivery to you is within a few days of arrival at our location in Ecuador.  We are currently shipping in your items every two weeks on average and our  target target is weekly shipments.  


Please REGISTER to create your account, including your Ecuador address. Review the DISCLAIMER, including the list of restricted items, and then you can begin shopping online.  After you order things fill in the NOTIFY US form so that we know they will be arriving at the warehouse in Miami.  We will email you when your packages arrive and let you know the delivery date.

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