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We have owned and operated many businesses similar to USA VALET in the past, including, Organic America, a home delivery service offering certified organic produce flown in by us fresh each week from organic farms throughout the USA.  We delivered farm-fresh fruits and vegetables plus specialty items to customers' homes in Florida.  We also owned and operated a custom-designed 18 wheeler big rig providing Sales Training for Cerwin Vega, a premier loudspeaker manufacturer, serving major retail stores and trade shows throughout the USA and Canada. In addition, we bring our many years of customer service, logistics, and IT experience to make USA Valet the best it can be. 



Diego is our new driver.  He has been living in Ecuador all his life and he speaks English fluently.  He is only in his 20's but he is both super intelligent and full of wisdom.  He has been living in Ecuador his whole life and knows Cuenca like the back of his hand. 



Wilson is the parent of three lovely children and he comes from a big family that is well known in Ecuador. He was born in Paute and has studied and worked in South Carolina for over four years.  He is fluent in English.  He's a get it done kind of guy, totally dependable, and thoughtful and organized.You will love having your packages delivered to you by Wilson!

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Victor, our mascot, is the vision of our company.  He is dedicated to making sure that your items arrive in your hands safely and that all of our customers are happy.  

And along with Victor we must mention the many other members of the USA Valet operation: our Agent, Freight Forwarder, Truck Drivers, Attorney, and the IT personnel that assist with the proper functioning of our software and website.

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