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The Disappearing Act

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

One of our customers has disappeared into thin air. We are left, quite literally, 'holding the bag'... It's funny in a way but in another way, not so. There are lots of reasons why this can happen and sometimes it's even beyond anybody's control. (We found out a few months later later that this customer divorced and headed back to the United States burning her bridges behind her.)

We are going to have to make a policy change on requests for HOLDs and for Servientrega payments for shipments out to all parts of Ecuador.


For the rare case that a customer requests that we hold their package we are requiring payment for the shipment at the time that we invoice you. Here's the procedure:

When we invoice you respond back letting us know to HOLD and include the proof of payment. This can be done by internal or external bank transfer from your account to ours right from the comfort of your own desk. You don't have to go to the bank. We have four bank accounts for the convenience of our customers. Just let us know which one you want to transfer from, and we'll email over our bank account information.


If you live outside of our local delivery range and your package is going to be shipped out from here by Servientrega please add $10 onto your invoice to cover the Servientrega charge. We will invoice you for the paid Servientrega charge and credit you for any overage.


Moving on... we would like to say thank everybody! Our customers are addressing their packages perfectly and everything is moving along at the warehouse in a copacetic flow.

Regards from our mascot Victor the Carrier Pigeon. We recently bought him a gift and we said it was from all of you! It is a tiny silver scalar wave frequency device that protects him from emf's. He has it strapped on to his chest like a little shield, and he just adores it!

Before we go just don't forget...forget what...? Why, don't forget to order it. You know you want it!

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