Each month we are giving away a raffle item! At the end of each month we randomly call one of our customers and ask him or her to pick a number.  If the number he or she picks matches your invoice number then you are the winner and the raffle item will be delivered to you.  Also, if you have any Raffle Ideas we would totally appreciate your thoughts! And if it's an emergency where, for example, your money is burning a hole in your pocket, please go to Past Raffles to put out the fire with ideas of things you can buy.


This is a Loyal Companion Dot Grid Notebook created by the esteemed company, Archer & Olive.  


You can use as a 2022 planner, or for any purpose.  The interior pages are Kraft Paper and they do not bleed through because the pages are ultra thick. It is the top of the line in planner notebooks, and is in the standard recommended size which is 5" x 8".

If you have never used a dot-grid notebook this will be something new for you in '22!  It's the same as a lined notebook except that you become slower and more deliberate in the letters you put down on the page and you can see everything you write clearer. Journal keepers generally like to use .3 thickness pens.

There are lots of books on ways to use them as planners and here's one of them: Dot Journaling,  by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.

dot grid.PNG



This is the first in a kitchen tool series.  It is a Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Double-edged Mandolin Slicer with Guard.  You can slice very thinly, which is great for things like radishes, carrots, cabbage, peppers, onions, potatoes, etc. and and you can cross-cut the slices by hand to make matchsticks and then handcut cut the matchsticks into little cubes. There are 5 adjustments on the back. The blade does not oxidize fruits and vegetables, and it lasts 10 times longer than a stainless blade.  

The Winner is Invoice #951