Each month we are giving away a raffle item! Prior to the delivery date of the items you have ordered we randomly call one of our customers and ask him to pick a number.  If the number he picks matches the number of your invoice you are the winner and the raffle item will be delivered to you with your order. Also, if you have any Raffle Ideas we would totally appreciate your thoughts!

       OCTOBER RAFFLE         



This month's raffle is a bunch of Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans, along with a locally obtained lozenge-shaped glass container so that you can make your own vanilla extract and also have it look attractive.  There are 15 vanilla pods in this raffle so you can make more than one bottle, and you can top off with more vodka or rum as you start to use it so that you will have a continual supply.  It's so easy to make that it hardly requires a recipe but "jes' fo' fun" here's a link to Paula Dean, 'yawl', who's makin' some vanilla extract. She drips with southern charm and is a lotta fun even though she's not what you'd call a health food proponent, ha! But do a search online and you'll find videos of lots of people who are showing you how to make your own vanilla extract.

Very Basic - Paula Dean

Professional - Guy with a Psychedelic Beard





This month's raffle is your choice of two exotic dried fruits:

                 Organic Turkish Figs
                Jumbo Medjool Dates
             Organic Turkish Apricots
Here's one way to supply yourself with lots of nutrients, such as, calcium, iron, copper, potassium and magnesium,  although, to be totally honest, we already know that you don't need to know this for us to make you want to have them.

If you'd like to do something different you can make your own bars by processing with ground nuts and oats; or make your own granola. You can roll the dates in coconut flakes or blend them into any almost kind of beverage or salad dressing.


The Winner is Invoice #717.