Each month we are giving away a raffle item! At the end of each month we randomly call one of our customers and ask him or her to pick a number.  If the number he or she picks matches your invoice number then you are the winner and the raffle item will be delivered to you.  Also, if you have any Raffle Ideas we would totally appreciate your thoughts! And if it's an emergency where, for example, your money is burning a hole in your pocket, please go to Past Raffles to put out the fire with ideas of things you can buy.


It's a year since our last book raffle! Get Saucy is a go-to book so you don't ever need to buy bottled dressings, sauces, etc, and, if you like James Peterson's classic book on sauces but you don't have the time to spend reading and following the complex recipes then here is your alternative.

It's the sauce that is what's missing in food served in restaurants here in Ecuador! As one reviewer said, "Sauce, and sauciness are keys to an interesting life."

Our copy is already pretty worn out so we picked the hard-copy edition for you.

get saucy.webp


Austrian made transparent silicone meansuring cups.

They are light weight, flexible, non-slip and heat resistant to 490 degrees F.

There is a set of 3 measuring cups - 1 cup, 2 cups, and 4 cups, and we've included an additional measuring cup for 4 tablespoons.

These measuring cups stack inside eachother so they can sit on your counter without taking up much space.


The Winner is Invoice #1337