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Being Proper

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

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There is a formal way to proceed when you order things.

We need to know when a package of yours is coming to the warehouse.

You let us know this information by filling in the Notify Us Form.

The info you enter is automatically entered into a spreadsheet.

Each week on schedule we submit the spreadsheet as a Manifest to the warehouse in Miami. The warehouse uses it as a reference and they also submit it to Customs in Guayaquil.


Here are a few TIPS to help you enter information correctly so that it will appear the way it's supposed to show up on the spreadsheet.

If you make a mistake don't worry...these are just guidelines to inform you on best practices. How are you gonna know unless we tell you, right?



We don't like all caps. Takes up too much room on the spreadsheet. (You can press Control + to zoom the view of your monitor if you want to see everything bigger.)


Enter the first item and press enter. Enter the second item and press enter, etc. That way each item appears on a separate line of the spreadsheet and we can check them off as they arrive. Here is an example of a correct entry:

Quantity 6

Description: 2 - Torani sugar-free variety packs

1 - KonMari Japanese lined notebook

1 - Earthborn Elements Creatine Monohydrate

1 - Kwikset door lock

1 - Boxwave Stylus Pen


Separate shipments (different box) requires you to enter the Notify Us form again because the tracking information will be different.


Keep your description short. Do not include your order number. Do not include what you paid for the it.


Do not enter explanations, such as, 'I don't have it'. Spreadsheets are very specific about what kind of information belongs in a field.

If you don't have the tracking information please email it to us in a day or two and we'll add it to the record for you.


NOTE: Have fun with this. If you do it differently it's ok.. the above are just guidelines.

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