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Service Fee

Updated: May 12, 2023

A Service Fee is applied based on the number of packages received. It's simple. If you are receiving one package, regardless of the weight there is no Service Fee. For every two packages received there is a $3.50 Service Fee.

For any questions you may have please frequent the FAQ page or check out The Pigeon Post, which is our blog page. The answers to questions you may have might be addressed at either of these pages.

About our pigeon mascot's wedding that just took place in India:

Everyone arrived together at the reflection pool in front of the Taj Majal. Victor & Violetta greeted each pigeon individually. There was a whole lot of head nodding. Fountains bubbled with refreshing beverages. Everybody talked and that went on until almost sundown upon which they all strolled leisurely into the Taj for an exquisitely glamourous diner with the people of India who were dressed in glistening silks and satins. Accommodations in the turrets, minarets, and cupolas pictured above were luxurious beyond belief. Essence of jasmine and sandlewood filled the air. Each night as they gazed in silent awe together at the star-studded-sky... they were in heaven. They wished you were there.

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