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Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy, found at the bottom of each page, is as follows, "We respect your privacy and will not share any of your personal information with others."

We do not share the data that you have entered when you registered as a customer, that is to say, your personal data and contact information, and also we don't share any information related to your customer history, and our interaction with you.

We want you to know that our privacy policy also extends to the public forum. We will not issue statements in the public forum referring to any customer by name or implication, and we will not state anything that may involve any infringement upon the privacy of any one of our customers.

When a statement is made by someone in the public forum it is often not possible to tell from a distance if the statement is true and correct. The general public, by default, will tend to believe what is written because 'it is right there in black and white'. For this reason, it is important to use your own discernment, like the roller pigeon in this 'slowmo' video below, and, contact us directly for verification or clarification of anything you read outside of our website.

Contact us anytime for clarification about any detail related to USA Valet. We are available on the chatbox and by email to

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