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No More Deadlines

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Deadlines are a thing of the past.

We used to post a monthly deadline and countdown clock so that you can get your orders in by the deadline date. Not needed anymore. We have shipments coming on average every two weeks. Order whenever you are ready to order because it won't be long before it arrives.

We do recommend, however, that you not order something that you know has to arrive within exactly 2 weeks. We cannot predict the exact date of the arrival of your package in Miami, the arrival of your package in Guayaquil and we cannot predict how long it will take for your package to clear Customs. We have no idea how long it will take for your package to arrive at our facility, especially if you are sending it by USPS. Also, there are vacation days, holidays, and times of the year when Customs has an overload of items to review. Therefore, if you have plans to travel on a certain date and need an item you are ordering to arrive before you travel, or, if you want to send a birthday gift, please order well in advance - at least a month. Also, please keep in mind that when you have a time sensitive shipment do not ship by USPS or ship 2nd day USPS.

Please check the LATEST UPDATE page for news on delivery dates. We also send you an invoice in advance of shipment to you, and we send you a text if you are going to receive a delivery locally in the Cuenca area.

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