Latest Update
October 13

A shipment has arrived now, Wednesday afternoon.  We have scheduled delivery for tomrrow, October 14 in the evening. 


You will be receiving an invoice this evening, Wednesday, October 13th, if you have items in this shipment.

Does anyone know a person named Olivia Gray? She isn't registered and hasn't notified us and we've received two items for her.  No way for us to contact her. Please email us if you know her and her contact information.

Check out the October raffle on the Raffle page. The winner will be posted when the countdown clock goes to zero.

We've been keeping track of our past raffle items, and are thinking of creating a link to them so that you can check it out and maybe get some ideas of things you might want to order.

When you order items it is important to notify us that your items are coming. The NOTIFY US entries you submit  become the Manifest. The Manifest is like a legal document and it has to contain everything that is arriving. If you have kids ordering things they should let you know so you can enter those things into the Notify Us form too.                                                                                                                                    


  • Please enter each item that you are shipping to our location in a new form as a separate  entry.

  • If you are shipping more than one of the exact same thing that would not require a  separate entry.

  • If you don't do this we can't sort for your item and it is hard to find on in the Manifest.

All items are shipped legally. The more you order the more frequent our shipments are!


If instead of having us deliver to you,  you are picking up your package at BAGEL or EL CONFESSIONARIO in Parque Calderon, please bring the correct amount in an envelope because they will not make change for you.  

We are posting little  updates frequently on this page, so this is where to go to find out the latest info. Updates are also on the spanish translation of this website. We also email out a bi-monthly update to registered customers. If you have not registered please don't forget to do so, so that you will receive these  emails.

If you have  questions  please send us a chat message - you can see it on each page at the bottom right.  

In closing, a reminder to order it... you know you want it!






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