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Introducing Our Mascot

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Our Mascot is a carrier pigeon. His name is Victor Valetti. If you were an Italian pigeon you might recognize the family name.

The Valettis go way back. Victor comes from a long line of illustrious carrier pigeons. There are too many interesting stories about Victor's ancestry to be able to recount them all here. It was in Renaissance Italy that the Valettis developed their aesthetic sense and love of fine architecture. His relatives who had pure white feathers were carrier pigeons for the Montague family and the Capulet family. We heard that they never took sides which was admirable of them. Sad story.

Another relative even before then was valet to 'Queen' Elizabeth I in the mid 1500's. He flew secret scroll messages back and forth amongst the royalty in England. I'll tell you about one more. Victor had a relative at the time of the American Revolution. He just happened to be hanging out at the shoreline and he witnessed the Boston Tea Party! Imagine that! After flying for the Allied Forces during WWII, the Valetti's mostly became snowbirds. A few of them felt that the weather was 'too good' in South America so they continued on and ended up landing guess where?... atop the spires of the New Cathedral in Parque Calderon in Ecuador. That's where they settled, and that's where their home has been ever since. So you can see how flying between the US and Ecuador would be a piece of cake for the Valettis.

His parents work out a lot. They like to keep in shape. Victor's mom is a lovely shade of apricot and his dad is into weight lifting.

Victor hooked up with USA Valet because of his natural love of both countries, the US and Ecuador, and he likes having connections to pigeons in both places.

His dedication is singular. To get your packages from Miami, Florida to Customs in Guayaquil, Ecuador in the quickest time possible.

He sends his best wishes and thanks for your patronage!

For more info about pigeons like Victor you can watch:

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