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The Way They Were

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

This is nothing more than an informational post coming via Victor, our carrier pigeon mascot (see our logo). It does not in any way relate to the shipment of your goods to Ecuador.

We had promised an interview with an elderly gentle-pigeon, a respected member of the global pigeon community in Vilcabamba. He had claimed that he knows a 'carrier' pigeon who has direct knowledge of the history of the 'passenger' pigeon. No matter how we tried we could not move on our promise to post this interview!! The subject is just too unpleasant to bring it up. Finally we've decided to give you a very brief overview of what is was about, forgetting the interview altogether, so here it is.

This is a picture of a passenger pigeon. Ever seen one of them? No you haven't.

Here is a a picture of actual passenger pigeons in the specimen archives of a museum:

There used to be ten billion passenger pigeons in the USA alone. They fertilized the fields, making other means of fertilization unnecessary...they conveyed messages between parties on different sides of the globe and they were man's best friend way before the dog was called man's best friend. They were honored throughout history from the time there were recorded ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs of pigeons. What happened to them?

In eastern American forests massive amounts of trees were cut down (without a care to maintaining trees as a natural resource), and this destroyed the food that passenger relied on for survival. As a consequence, the pigeons had no source of food and they flew to agricultural fields as their source of food. People in the USA shot down the pigeons in a holocaust and they piled them high, forming enormous hills of dead passenger pigeons. As a consequence, suddenly, there were no longer enough of them surviving to support their existence, and they became extinct. It took only 20 years ending in 1914, when Martha, who was the last passenger pigeon, died, and she is stuffed and in a museum at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

The passengers pigeon was a welcome everyday site throughout the whole world and now it is no longer to be seen.

Our mascot and his associates wanted you to know about it. Each person will have his own thoughts. It is a sad subject, but if Victor had not brought up the subject he thinks that you would not even know anything about it, and he felt uncomfortable about it. We'll go ahead and publish this for you now, at his request.


On another topic, our customers have been ordering more and more items, as they gain confidence in the service that we provide, and this is great. We have Columbus Day Super Sales for online purchases coming up on October 9th and we will be posting an email out to our customers a day prior.

So, 'keep smilin', keep shinin' as the song says. Your friends, at USA Valet.

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