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A Heads-Up for You

They are looking up in the sky for our white carrier pigeon, to see if a USA Valet delivery is coming soon. They know that we have, on average, shipments coming every two weeks.

We are into the middle of September. In less than two months from now we're going to be into the holiday season. At that time in-coming shipments will be slower. This is because it is the busiest time of the year for Customs due to the huge increase in the number of packages coming into Ecuador. It's going to take them longer to clear everybody's items. Keeping this in mind we recommend that you order holiday goods and gifts well in advance.

We can't promise an arrival by a certain date in the month of December because we have no control of how long it takes for Customs clearance, so please plan your purchases in advance. We want you to receive gifts for people here in Ecuador well in advance of the inevitable Customs clearance slowdown. That is just a heads up for you!

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