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From Anywhere In The World To Anywhere In Ecuador

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Getting things from the USA is great, and all that, but you are not limited to buying things from just the USA. You can order from any brick and mortar store or online store located anywhere in the world, anywhere that you finger lands when the spinning globe pulls to a stop.

Regarding shipper options please note that the header of every page of our website has links to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out these posts once in a while because we address topics such as shipper options (USPS, UPS, and FedEx). We have a number of posts advising against shipping expensive or time sensitive items by USPS. We also sent out an email to all of our registered customers addressing this topic. Though we have had zero issues it is always better to be safe and to not have to wait so long to receive precious items. If your order is by Amazon where there is no choice you can select 2nd day shipment for anything expensive or time sensitive.

Our next blog post (August 23rd) will address this same topic so that everybody, especially new customers, have this information.

Items you order from the China or other areas of the Far East can take a very long time to arrive, sometimes well over a month, so please watch the tracking so you can get get an idea of estimated date of arrival at our Miami location.

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