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Cool In December

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Emmit Fenn, the creator of this music video wrote this:

“I was in New York for work, I was playing super groovy old house music and while I was listening I saw a pigeon just walking to the beat of the song. I had never seen something so confident before. In that moment I wanted to be that pigeon. A lot of people think my music is about relationships or really emotional experiences but in reality, they’re usually about things like seeing a pigeon across the street and getting jealous of its confidence."


Along with Mr Cool here we're also cool about handling your orders and getting them to you quickly.

We have shipments arriving weekly and sometimes twice a week and we can handle an unlimited amount of things coming in so go ahead and order what you want, what you need, what you can research and discover that it would be so nice to have!!

We have made special arrangements for EXPRESS review and release of USA Valet packages to our customers during this Holiday Season. Pricing reflects this as shipments arriving this month are at an additional .50 per lb.

Please continue ordering as usual, and, thank you to our customers who have told their friends about USA Valet. We are welcoming new customers with Carrot Cake and Cafe Americano for the entire month of December.

Please remember to include your name and USA Valet in the address. We have had delays in the arrival of packages that are missing important details.

Also, we have one or two customers who never enter into NOTIFY US the items they are sending...please remember to enter this information which becomes part of the Manifest. Thank you for helping us to do it right.

When you want to send something unusual please post us a message on the chatbox as we might need you to provide additional information such as a paid invoice for the item(s).

NOTE: Super Saturday falls on the 18th of this month. We'll post a reminder with some suggestions a week before.

New Years Eve is also on the calender for this month, but we won't talk about that yet. That's one thing we're not yet prepared for...give us all a break...the last New Year's Eve was as if it was just a few weeks ago!

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