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Labor Day Pre-Sales

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

However you spell it (Labor/Labour) there is a Super Sale Day Online on Labor Day.

It falls on September 6th this year and the Pre-Sales are already on.

So, get out a' bed...or not... flip open that ipad, or whatever, and start shoppin'.

We like to give our customers a heads-up on things like Super Sales Days that are coming up so that you can plan your shopping days and save money.

Special email notifications are sent out but you have to be registered to receive these bi-monthly emails. So, smart shoppers out there in Ecuador-land be sure that you are registered.

The biggest Super Sales days of the year are round the corner, and time flies, so get registered, and for those who are already registered please feel free, if you have any questions about items you are purchasing either online or from a brick and mortar store, and you're not sure about something, please send us a chat message anytime.

Happy Shopping and Happy Receiving Your Items When They Are Delivered to You By Our Friendly Drivers!

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