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The Raffle

The Raffle is supposed to give you ideas. It's about shopping 'outside the box'.

It could be anything that will pamper you, or, it might be a tool that makes your life a lot easier. It could be something that enriches you in some way, or, provides a lot of pleasure for you and your friends.

It's something different.

The Raffle Page is also a way that you can communicate to the rest of our customers about what things you like so we can benefit from your experience. It's the one way that you can share, with your name or anonymously, through our website, about 'things' that you think other customers of ours might like to get for themselves. It is also a way that you can recommend an item that we can include in one of our upcoming raffles. We'd really appreciate that!

If you're a winner, you can also share your feedback on what you thought of the raffle you won.

When we select a raffle item it pushes us outside our budget, but we hope it will encourage you to have fun and add some inspiration and excitement to the experience of using our service.

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