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Each month we are giving away a raffle item!

Prior to the delivery date of the items you have ordered we randomly call one of our customers and ask him to pick a number.  If the number he picks matches the number of your invoice you are the winner and the raffle item will be delivered to you with your order.

Also, if you have any Raffle Ideas we would totally appreciate your thoughts!

This is a quote from the book,  Why I Adore the Night,  by Jeanette Wilterson:  " I have noticed that when the lights are on, people tend to talk about what they are doing --their outer lives.  Sitting round a candlelight or firelight, people start to talk about how they are feeling --their inner lives.  They speak subjectively, they argue less, there are longer pauses."



Our New Year 2023 Raffle is a set of  6  handmade  '100% pure' beeswax dinner candles. They produce a bloom, which is a snowflake looking film over the pure beeswax. This is a sign of purity and is cherished by beeswax candle connoisseurs. Pure beeswax candles purify the air because they release negative ions as they burn, eliminating dust, and other toxins from the atmosphere. They also burn longer and hotter than paraffin candles, and their light is the same spectrum as the sun. This is why people find candle light so relaxing and calming, and they  give off a beautiful  natural scent. These candles are 11" x 7/8 ".



Great for oilve oil, wine, liquid supplements, salad dressings, sauces, toppings etc.  You will need a bottle that has the top diameter of a typical wine bottle.  You will receive 2 pourers.

The automatic mechanism prevents the oxidation of the contents.

Yours will be in gold color.

This month's raffle is the XLux Moisture Meter (Hygrometer)

It tell you, instantly, whether your plants in pots or in the ground, need water. No more guess work!  It is very easy to use.  You just stick it in the soil and the dial instantly tells you whether the soil beneath the surface  is dry, moist, or wet. It is important to wipe it dry and clean after each use. No batteries needed!



Kirkland Signature Ultra High

Pile Microfiber Towels (pack of 12)


To assist you in running a tight ship at home...


Useful as dish cloths, or for wiping counter tops. Good for cars detailing. When they get old they are great for cleaning and dusting.

Always wash them separately from everything else in order to maintain the properties of the microfiber cloths.


Austrian made transparent silicone meansuring cups.

They are light weight, flexible, non-slip and heat resistant to 490 degrees F.

There is a set of 3 measuring cups - 1 cup, 2 cups, and 4 cups, and we've included an additional measuring cup for 4 tablespoons.

These measuring cups stack inside eachother so they can sit on your counter without taking up much space.

This month's raffle includes two items: a bar press so that you can make your own energy bars, and, a bag of dried peaches. There are hundreds of types of bars that you can make yourself. Ginger Peach Granola Bars is just one example. You can substitute any ingredients and get creative. This way you can have all kinds of great snacks when at home or on the road!



 Ice cubes that aren't cubes. Two large roses for long-lasting cold drinks - iced tea, coffee, lemonade, scotch etc. Right-fitting lids prevent spills and retain purity.  The molds are dishwasher safe and PA free. They are leak proof and the water fill line makes them easy to use.



One of our favorite websites in the world is  In honor of their decision to open up their website to the public (no membership fees anymore) we are featuring one of their recipes and the ingredients you need to make it.

February's Raffle is for two pounds of raw, fresh (unoxidized) cashews along with Sari's Unfortified Nutritional Yeast.

Here is the recipe for Cashew Cream Cheese from their website:


Starting in March you will have access to Herbed Cashew Cream Chesse and Cultured Cream Chesse and all of their other amazing and incredible creations.  

We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.


This is a Loyal Companion Dot Grid Notebook created by the esteemed company, Archer & Olive.  


You can use as a 2022 planner, or for any purpose.  The interior pages are Kraft Paper and they do not bleed through because the pages are ultra thick. It is the top of the line in planner notebooks, and is in the standard recommended size which is 5" x 8".

If you have never used a dot-grid notebook this will be something new for you in '22!  It's the same as a lined notebook except that you become slower and more deliberate in the letters you put down on the page and you can see everything you write clearer. Journal keepers generally like to use .3 thickness pens.

There are lots of books on ways to use them as planners and here's one of them: Dot Journaling,  by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.

dot grid.PNG

The Winner is Invoice #971.



This is the first in a kitchen tool series.  It is a Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Double-edged Mandolin Slicer with Guard.  You can slice very thinly, which is great for things like radishes, carrots, cabbage, etc. and and then you can cross-cut the slices to make matchsticks and then cut the matchsticks into little cubes. There are 5 adjustments on the back. The blade does not oxidize fruits and vegetables, and it lasts 10 times longer than a stainless blade. Product review.


Keep your beverage warm in this 10 oz Stainless Steel Bottle.  It is easy to carry around because of it's small capacity. 


You can bring a drink with you wherever you go, or, ask your barista to 'fill 'er up' for you. It's way better than styrofoam.

Because it's glass it should be easy to clean, and the double walls will help to maintain the temperature of the beverage.

Yours will be gold colored.

       OCTOBER RAFFLE         



This month's raffle is a bunch of Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans, along with a locally obtained lozenge-shaped glass container so that you can make your own vanilla extract and also have it look attractive.  There are 15 vanilla pods in this raffle so you can make more than one bottle, and you can top off with more vodka or rum as you start to use it so that you will have a continual supply.  It's so easy to make that it hardly requires a recipe but "jes' fo' fun" here's a link to Paula Dean, 'yawl', who's makin' some vanilla extract. She drips with southern charm and is a lotta fun even though she's not what you'd call a health food proponent, ha! But do a search online and you'll find videos of lots of people who are showing you how to make your own vanilla extract.

Very Basic - Paula Dean

Professional - Guy with a Psychedelic Beard





This month's raffle is your choice of two exotic dried fruits:

                 Organic Turkish Figs
                Jumbo Medjool Dates
             Organic Turkish Apricots
Here's one way to supply yourself with lots of nutrients, such as, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium and potassium, although, to be totally honest, we already know that you don't need to know this for us to make you want to have them.

If you'd like to do something different you can make your own bars by processing with ground nuts and oats; or make your own granola. You can roll the dates in coconut flakes or blend them to any almost kind of beverage or salad dressing.



Nothing can take the place of coffee. That's a fact. But there are a number of herbal alternatives worth experimenting with.  This month we have your choice of two different ones:  Ayurvedic Roast or Teechino French Vanilla. Ayurvedic Roast is  non-acidic, contains no caffeine, and it has ingredients that are antioxidants and that promote relaxation. Aside from roasted rye, barley and chicory it contains Ashwagandha [sy that 3 times fast], Brahmi, and Shatavari. Just low boil for 5 minutes or use a percolator or drop coffee machine.  You can blend the Ayurvedic Roast to smitherieens and then strain it. Teechino has organic carob, chicory, ramon seed, and vanilla. The French Vanilla flavor is our favorite.

We'll be experimenting with others such as Instant Mushroom Coffee, and Mocha Mushroom Whey and may have another raffle with our favorite custom blend of different herbal coffees.

We hope that the winner of this month's raffle enjoys Ayurvedic Roast.





This month's raffle is good for you. Seaweeds have lots of trace minerals and B12 as well as iodine which is good for your thyroid. 

What is included:  Roasted Nori Half Sheets, Dulse Flakes, and Kelp. 

Dulse flakes and roasted nori are great on baked potatos, pizza, popcorn, salads, etc. You can crumble and sprinkle on things you like to eat. If you are feeling adventurous you can make nori rolls.

Kelp, though, is not for sprinkling on food. You soak a medium size piece piece or two overnight, then take a small piece, cut it up in strips. and blend it very well with anything you are drinking.  It has no taste when blended into a smoothie.  You can also make Japanese soup, like miso soup or udon soup with noodles.



We're switching things up a bit by having a book raffle.

It has been said that habits define us and our destiny.

This best seller has become part of a trilogy on the science of forming and maintaining good habits (along with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and The Power of Habit.)

Once you get the hang of it please make a habit to order alot and often from USA Valet (...only kidding).



Harney & Sons most popular tea since the 80's. Assertive blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves. No sugar added. Very strong aroma of spices and citrus.


Thirty pyramid silken sachets; if you want to buy it again you can get it in bags as loose leaf tea and refill the canister.

Enjoy hot or cold with ice cubes in the summer,  with or without almond milk. It is also a good party or dinner gift.

cinn spice.PNG



Aromatherapy Pendant

Handblown and crafted in Canada.


Borosilicate glass.

Fill with essential oils so that you can experience aromatherapy wherever you go.

Included is a Care Kit for changing out essential oils.


Each piece is unique.



Length can be adjusted. Clear option is suitable for both men or women.


pro elite.jpg

Each month we are giving away a raffle item! Prior to delivery date we will randomly call one of our customers and ask them to choose a number. That will then be the winning number.

If the raffle number on your invoice is a match 
you are the winner and the raffle item will be delivered to you with your order.


Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

Safely cleans a wide variety of products such as jewelry, gold, platinum, diamonds, rings, watches, eyeglasses, sunglasses, tools, toothbrushes,  mouth guards, children's toys, drinking glasses, cosmetic brushes, coins, and more. 

The winner is Invoice #278


Each month we are giving away a raffle item! Prior to delivery date we will randomly call one of our customers and ask them to choose a number. That will then be the winning number.

If the raffle number on your invoice is a match 
you are the winner and the raffle item will be delivered to you with your order.

The winner is Invoice #08

Two Bottles of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate and a bag of Unsweetened Tart Montmorency Cherries


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