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We have been using USA Valet for the last few months, after having had another service, and have been extremely pleased. The business model has been thoroughly explained, especially the legal implications, and we are satisfied that our items are coming here legally via Customs, are sent to a secure location in Florida, and the communication with the company throughout the process is excellent.  We highly recommend USA  Valet without reservation.


Received my shipment yesterday from you.  Thank you for  all your help! It was a pleasure doing business with you and we will definitely use you again!


We have had largely food experience using USA Valet from Miami, and they are 100% legal. (Item manifest is sent through Customs and all rules apply, and not via personal airline luggage.)  It was easy to register online, then send from Amazon to their Florida address.  They are easy to communicate with and deliver once a week if there is anything of yours that has arrived. They charge a fee once a month when you have items being delivered, plus a charge by weight.  Their delivery service is great.  Wilson messages you, you walk outside, receive your bagged items, and hand him a sealed envelope with your payment.  Detailed invoices are provided. We highly recommend USA Valet!


I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your service and the great amount of patience you have shown me with all of my questions with my first order, I really appreciate your professionalism.


I just received my first shipment.  The whole thing went flawlessly.  Thanks so much!


You are a kind person.  I enjoyed meeting you.  It worked out great.  I am glad that I set up my meds deliveries to you for future meds.