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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We have news for you about the timing of arrival of your packages.

You may recall that we advised against shipping by USPS if you have a choice because they are slow. In order for them to save money (which they don't have anyway) they are forced to do one time a week deliveries to companies. One time a week has now stretched out to once every 10 days!

When you search on the USPS website for the tracking of your package to see if it has arrived at our facility, the date of arrival they post is the date that they scan your package and put it in their bin for USA Valet.

They don't actually deliver our bin (our bin is shown at your left) until it is full. This technique of theirs saves them labor and expense. When we send you an email that shows the date of arrival at our Miami facility that date is the actual date of receipt by us.

We ship your packages speedily and frequently. When your package arrives in Ecuador we have another slowdown which is Ecuador Customs. They are slow in reviewing packages. Although they hired additional people the process is still slow for them. We, USA Valet, don't have any control over this process. As we progress to this holiday season the number of packages that Customs has to review will be compounded many fold.

For this reason, we have already recommended to you in the bi-monthly email you have already received that you should be ordering items for the holidays now (not next week) if you have not already done so. In addition, we are now letting you know that packages arriving in the last week of November probably won't be released by Customs until sometime in January.

We want you to keep ordering the things you want, while being aware of the bigger picture out there. So when you ask us, "If I order this today when am I going to receive it" is a question that we cannot answer with any accuracy, especially at this time of year.

Another factor which was written about in our bi-monthly email is that if you ordering items from the Far East - China, Japan, Indonesia, etc, where your items are being shipped into the USA by cargo ships, then you can expect long delays. Cargo ships are still stalled in harbors around the world. Media reports are saying that cargo workers are working round-the-clock unloading cargo. (The fact is that they have always worked round-the-clock.)

The cargo ship issue, the USPS issue, and the Customs issue, all have not been fixed. It's like a comedy of errors, only it's not funny. These issues are flies in the ointment and at some point in time they will be resolved by the parties responsible.

USA Valet, on the other hand is doing great! We have a smooth operation and are chugging along happily. Send us a chat message whenever you want to with any questions or comments, and we will continue to keep you up-to-date with the latest news here on our blogpost and through the bi-monthly emails that are sent to everyone who is registered.

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