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It Takes an Organized Mind

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Creativity is everything we do, touch, everything that we look at, every word we speak, every step we take, and so on. But it does take an organized mind (with an organized planning book in most cases) to 'find the time' to plan and execute something special just for oneself. Even better than the adventure of travelling to great places all over the world is the adventure of discovering what is inside of oneself.

There's a million kinds of interesting pursuits (let's not call them hobbies) and they are all fascinating. How many lifetimes will it take to do them all? So what are you waiting for? Whatever you like to do, whatever your medium, or, if you are thinking you might want to try out something totally new, we would like to suggest that you order your supplies online and have us deliver them to you in Ecuador.

Here's the link to our website with a button to NOTIFY US of the things you have purchased that you want us to bring to Ecuador for you. Go for it!

"Failure is success in progress." ALBERT EINSTEIN

NOTE: We have a page under construction that will give you ideas of other categories of things that you can order & have us deliver to you in Florida.

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