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Amazon Purchases

Amazon now has a six digit code associated with your purchase of some HIGH DOLLAR items, such as, for example, laptops, cell phones, and computers.

They also have a six digit code for some Amazon orders that are PAID FOR WITH A NON-USA DEBIT/CREDIT CARD.

If your order has a six digit code you are going to see this code in two places:

(1) It will be emailed to you, and;

(2) It will be in your Amazon account as a part of the order you just placed.

The email will say the following: "Your Amazon package will be out for delivery...Your one time password is: _ _ _ _ _ _ . For security you must read this one time password to the driver to receive this delivery."

When you enter your notification to us that the order is coming by entering the NOTIFY US form:

Enter the 6-digit code and the email address that is associated with your Amazon Account in the description field. Here is an example:

This is a totally new Amazon procedure and it only applies to some orders. If and when we have any more details about it we will add them to this blogpost.

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