This is also our drop off location in Cuenca for outgoing Items going to the USA.  If you want us to carry your items to the USA and ship them on please call for rates prior to drop off. 

This service is available to registered customers only. 


Matthew's Bagel Store is the pickup  and drop off location for incoming and outgoing mail from the USA. Their new location is on Ave de las Americas, by the Tranvia stop next to Calvo & Co. The  rear entrance with parking is located on Los Alamos 343 

When dropping of your letter mail place it and total cash required in a sealed envelope or ziploc with your name and local phone printed on the outside.  They offer this service as an accommodation to USA Valet so please do not ask them to make change for you. Your letter mail is personally carried onboard. There is no service fee for carrying your letter mail to and from the USA. See our fee schedule below:

First Class Letters.................  $ 5 each   + postage  

Certified or Registered Mail ... $ 10 each + postage

Priority Mail Flat Rate letters.. $ 10 each + $8 postage

See complete USPS Postage Rates